Tuesday, July 17, 2007


''Don't Talk Back''

---''Take Out The Papers And The Trash...'' The year was 1976, and the place was called, ''Barristers.'' It had been a restaurant, for years, but now it was bought by three young lawyers (barristers.) Their wives and even one of the lawyers, mother, worked there.
---They were hesitant to hire us at first, ''deliberating'' their decision, for weeks and weeks. They were NOT quite sure if we should play there, or not. Our material was for a younger audience and the BDS Banner, was a definite problem. (They weren't sure that the Dog, was NOT going to affect the eaters.)
---It may seem like a no - brainer out-of-context, but, everyone would have such a good time, that the fact that it may seem disgusting to you, was quickly overrided. The people I talked to, didn't bother over analyzing the show. They were too busy having fun. Actually, over - analyzing, became my ''thing.'' I got way too far into that. I DIGRESSED...for a time. But...I digress.
---As, I have said, at times, ''we were becoming polished, at being unpolished.'' It was BDS style. Now, I was noticing something else. We were, actually, PLAYING MUSIC.
---We had a Cavalcade of Stars, present, that night. Tex was there for the ''drinking contest.'' All I can say about that is we were young at the time, and didn't consider the dangers involved. I don't recommend that ANYONE try that. My brother, Panama ''Pete,'' was there. (He once played a ''chair'' on stage, with us, in Holyoke, MA. He was telling people that he couldn't afford music lessons, as a kid.)
---There was a disc jockey, from a local radio station - Dave O. Tables full of waitresses, on their off night. Pooch and his entourage. Joanne was there, with her girlfriends. And, of course, Cindi L., with her camera. She, probably, had two or three people, with her, also. It was a crowded house. The joint was, definitely, jumping.
---Why I say that this sounded, almost like music, is because we had ''LJ,'' that night. Luscious Johnny. He played the King Curtis sax part, like the record. And it was good.
---Bobby and I sang in harmony. We could sing pretty good, together, when the words were stacatto, especially. (There would be less of-a-chance, that I would go flat.) Dinsdale was playing bass. Bobby playing his lead-rhythm, and LJ played the sax. When we got to the middle, that is what blew me away. It kind of sounded like the Coasters record. And that is in its entirety. My brother, remarked, later on, ''how good it was.''
---The Bobby Darling Show, had gone from the ''pretending, we are good,'' phase, to the, actual, ''good, sometimes,'' phase. What could possibly happen next? And were we ready? ALL I CAN SAY IS, Stay Tuned - Next, Bobby Darling Show - Phase. Next, Bobby Darling Show - Mishap.
(LJ Didn't Play With BDS Very Long. See, Official Bobby Darling Website, For Exact Dates)

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