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Books that I have read and Authors that have meant much to me are as follows: [Click on ''View My Complete Profile'' for my other websites] Google any of the names below to find more. YouTube most of names and see video.


---GEORGE MALONEY S.J. Fordham University in the 1970's last I knew. I read several of his writings but only seem to remember ''Inward Stillness.'' Why he was so important is because-I attended a three day Retreat he gave in Massachusetts. It was at the same time I was ''talking'' to the Jesuits about joining them. I spent three years in this process but had a ''breakdown'' during this time. [More on this at another time].
---Why Fr. Maloney Was SO important To Me---
---It was the appeal of what he was doing, had to me. Writing Books and giving Retreats, which was seemingly the perfect venue for him to do his thing. I could see myself in much the same role. This made a lot of sense to me.

---THOMAS MERTON --A Catholic Monk. Interesting for a time. Titles include- ''Zen and the Birds of Appetite,'' ''Seeds of Contemplation'' ''New Seeds of Contemplation,'' ''The Seven Story Mountain,'' etc. It was affiming to have someone Catholic and of some stature writing and understanding such things.

---ELIZABETH HAICH - Sexual Energy and Yoga. This a great book about the Kundalini and the energy or 'orgasm' up the spine. [Tantric]

---J. PATRICK FLANAGAN - Pyramid Power. I saw him on the 'TOMORROW SHOW' in the 1970's and also live at an Expo. He was the first I had heard speak of the sublimating of the ''Sexual Energy'' up the spine. It came less than two weeks after, with some apprehension, I had ''learned'' this to be possible. It was a very confirming moment. It gave me impetus to continue. Sidelight--Watched many TOMORROW SHOWs [Tom Snyder] with Bobby Darling, Just reminiscing.

---RAM DASS - Books and Tapes. He is a smart man and was part of the LSD crowd. I also had the joy and pleasure of seeing him on three different occassions. I find his books as entertaining as I found him. I recently saw Ram Dass' movie about his ''NOW'' situation, since his ''stroke.'' It was different seeing him this way as we both had Life-changing ''strokes.'' I will reserve comment at this moment, but the differences between the two of us is more apparent now.

---ALAN WATTS - His Autobiography is called, ''In My Own Way.'' I think the doubleness the title implies is brilliant and have quoted it often. If we would learn to get out of our ''Own Way,'' it would resolve many of the things that concern us. Sidelight - Bobby D.. was an avid fan.

---L. RON HUBBARD - His Dianetic and Scientology books. His Viewpoint of Life has certainly got a bad ''rep'' and ''rap.'' I think it must be by those who don't ''get'' it. I have read about 25 of his writings. They are expensive to buy, but I enjoyed them.

---A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABUPADA [I am not sure of the spelling]. I was introduced to him in a strange way. I was driving a friend to the A and P foodstore in Massachusetts, when a girl, normally dressed [I say this only because his Writings are followed by the Hari Krishna people who, for the most part, have a unique, identifiable ''look.''] She came up to us and handed me, ''The Nectar of Devotion,'' one of his books, and said, ''You're the One'' and then ran away. Neither of us, at the time, even understood what any of this meant, but had a few laughs using the catchphrase [''You're the One''] on many appropriate and inappropriate occasions, though I can't think of any appropriate occasions.

--- JOHN C. LILLY - ''The Center of the Cyclone.'' I very much like this title. He also has written a book called, ''Simulations of God'' and has done much work with Dolphins until he had a revelation concerning this.

---WAYNE DYER, Phd.- I have enjoyed seeing his developement over the years and his a''talks'' on PBS.

---FRANCKLYN JONES, aka BUBBA FREE JOHN, aka HEART MASTER DA LOVE ANANDA and others. I think he changes his ''handle'' with each new developement or whim. His books are wonderful.

---BHAGHWAN SHREE RAJNEESH - Very prolific. Some of the titles I remember are- ''The Mustard Seed,'' ''The Psychology of the Esoteric,'' three volumes of ''The Books of the Secrets.'' He has written others.

---ALEXANDER LOWEN, M.D. - A student of Wilhelm Reich, known for ''orgone,'' did much of his work in the field of Bioenergetics. His books have very mind provoking titles, ''Depression and the Body,'' ''Betrayal of the Body,'' ''Pleasure,'' ''The Fear of Life,'' etc. There are others, also, that concern 'Love the Heart and Orgasm'. Need I say, he does much ''body work.''

---I like the idea of Chiropractic, also. Realignment according to ''Plan.'' ''Rolfing'' has a good sound to it. Releasing memory from under the skin. In fact any way of releasing the ''baggage'' we accumulate, I feel is helpful, provided one can ''deal'' with what comes up. Bobby D. went to a ROLFER, for a time. Acupuncture is also a release, returning One to his own Natural Flow. I feel that the Natural or the Nature of things, is very Harmonious. The EGO gets in the way of ALL this, and impinges on the Natural Circuitry of things. When the EGO is not present, or better yet, Transformed, ALL is Health. EGO- Edging God Out.

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