Thursday, July 19, 2007

YES, There Was A BDS Embarassment

Cindi L. Provided Picture. Bobby In Wig. VERY MILD, In Comparison To ''POODLES'' D.

A One Night Stand:
''POODLES'' Darling
---I'd like to say that the hype behind, Poodles Darling, lived up to itself, but it didn't. We all have a ''Poodles'' Darling, in our past. Napoleon had his ''Waterloo,'' The Beatles had the ''Magical Mystery Tour.'' We knew that we had to add something new, something very viable, and we chose, Poodles D., unfortunately. Let me explain.
---We had been playing at Barristers, for a few months. We were getting a bit old. It is very difficult to make the same ad-libs sound fresh, the sixth and seventh time around. To the regulars, maybe the sixteenth or seventeenth. We had to do something new. Rehearsal seemed inevitable. There were only two of us, and we hung around together, much of the time. There was always a guitar, handy. We never had to be so formal, as to officially rehearse.
---There is a Frank Zappa song, where the girl is named Poodles. She does things in the song that seemed fitting, AT THE TIME. Poodles Darling, was born...a sad day in the BDS annals.
---We went to Toys R' Us, the next day. From there, we went to the Novelty Shop, where I was becoming a regular customer. I was buying 50 plastic kazoos per day. Business was booming. The philosophy we had was one where if Bobby was attired, properly, and with enough stuff, the song didn't make that much of a difference, [just in case it bombed.] [Which IT DID.]
---Bobby came on stage wearing Roller Skates, A Long-hair blond wig, a set of bicycle handlebars, a no-sleeve basketball type jersey with a huge pair-of-plastic-boobs, prominently displaying themselves. Did I mention the Horn he was tooting, the whole time? The Frank Zappa song was so far in the background, that you couldn't even hear it.
---Nobody, really knew what was going on, which was probably just as well. First of all, the Roller Skating, alone, could have withstood, another 50 or 60 lessons. He was all over-the-place, just from that standpoint. And that was the highlight. From the wig, to the handle-bars, to the boobs - everything was TOO BIG [except the crowd reaction.] Even the Horn, was annoying. With the skates and everything, he could hardly stand-up.
---After the, ''Poodles Darling,'' fiasco, we took a short break. Fans would bring-up poor-old ''Poodles,'' from time-to-time, but we steered clear and let her rest. As a matter of fact, I don't think she has ever been heard from again, that I know of. Maybe, someone should ask Bobby Darling, just to be sure, next time you see him. Wear something on your feet to run in, though, when you do. It may still be a sore spot, in the BDS history. (I wish I had a picture to show you, from that event, but none exist, I don't think?) It wasn't quite the, ''Titanic,'' or anything, but in the annals of BDS history, it was, ''A Night To Remember.''
To Distract You From The EMBARASSMENT, Here's Bobby And Myself. (Before Dinsdale.)

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