Thursday, July 12, 2007


The Story About The Picture -
---Many people have written and ask, what is the story with that picture, and why do you keep using the same one? The picture is the only one I have, but I would use others, if I could.
---At one time, there existed a scrapbook of Bobby, Myself, The ‘’Dinsdale’’ and ‘’Luscious’’ Johnny, our saxophone, pianist, who could sing and move equipment. He was multi-talented. The scrapbook was one of those irreplaceable things I left-behind, when I high-tailed it from, MA. My brother searched my old belongings, but the scrapbook was nowhere to be found.
---The picture, survived. My brother, Peter, had that. It originally appeared in the centerfold-section of a, ‘’What‘s Happening on Cape-Cod,’’ mag, with the staple and all, and was the size of the magazine. The mag itself, was a product of our former manager.
---How Charlie became our manager, is a memory. He wanted to manage us, ‘’in-the-worse-way.’’ I think he got his wish. Dinsdale thought we were merciless to him, but I think he expected it. We really only gave him a hard time, and it was probably no more difficult than any other trauma he may have faced in his life. I mean, we never charged him money, just to hang-out with us, or anything.
---The picture was a centerfold, and was all over the Cape. We had fun with that fact. I would enjoy showing the scrapbook, but what can you do? A fan, Cindi L., took the scrapbook pictures.
---With the Centerfold, there was an accompanying short article. The magazine was something that Charlie was doing, so having us be the centerfold, worked out from all directions.
---The picture of the three-of-us, appeared a few different times, without the staple. I do not know if any of the original Cape Cod magazine, still exists. The Centerfold picture itself was taken by Russ G. He and his fraternal twin brother, Ronny, lived with the Dinsdale. Ronny was our manager for a little while, also. Come to think of it, we seemed to have lots of managers, for a little while. I wonder what that is all about?
---Oh, Yeah. The actual writing and asking about the picture, has never happened. But, you just don't know about these things, until they do. Be Good.
Since I Wrote This, Cindi L. Has Come Through With A Bunch Of NEW, ''OLD'' BDS Photos, From Her Personal Collection. Thanks, Cindi.

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Cindi said...

i think i am the one who gave you the scrapbook you speak of. i'm
sorry the pictures i gave you paul
were the only ones i had. i'd love foryou to email me when you have time. catch upon old times. ha ha