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The ''Mrs. Robinson'' - AFFAIR

---There was another time, about The ''ORIGINAL,'' Bobby Darling Show Duo, that I alluded to, but didn't give a lot of detail. It was the ''Rusty Scupper,'' FIRST AUDITION.
---We were all set to go off on our own. The band, Franconia Notch, was fun, but trying to keep everyone happy, was NOT. After a year, Franconia Notch, was in trouble. We were, probably in trouble, from the get-go, but the naivite was running rampant. A great talent, in itself. Let me say that, ''it is VERY DIFFICULT to play musical subtleties, in a bar. As a matter-of-fact, it is hard to do/be anything subtle, in a bar.'' We learned this, very well.
---But, we had an audition to do. The Rusty Scupper was always looking for NEW ACTS. We were a new act, so to speak. Franconia Notch played and did well as Franconia Notch, there. Somehow, Bobby and Myself, were going to duplicate the success of the band, but do it in the more BDS Style. We were either, too, subtly overt or overt in our new subtle way...but, in either case, we did NOT - ''PASS THE AUDITION.''
---We were set up early enough. Probably, TOO early. The management gave us...two hours to wait. Here we were - in a bar, with two hours to spend. That is the night, we met our new friend, ''Gin-and-Tonic.'' I think, by the time the two hours were up, we met many members of her family, also. They were a happy bunch, quite seductive...though, if I remember right, NOT VERY COHERENT.
---As I said, ''by the time the management was ready, we were, probably, more than ready.'' I will add, here, ''and then some.'' Hey, we were young and going to be on stage, soon. I know these aren't good reasons or even good excuses, but our new friend, that foul temptress, ''Gin-and-Tonic,'' was NOT concerned with anything TOO subtle, anymore.
---The BDS was playing LIVE, for the first time, anywhere. It was off and running. We had learned 50 songs in the 3 week period going from FN to BDS. I say learned quite loosely, here, because we weren't justifying our three week layoff, too well. Let me explain.
---Unknown to Bobby and Myself...our new friend, ''G-and-T,'' was auditioning at the EXACT time, we were. She had the same songlist, too. AMAZING. We began with Mrs. Robinson, a crowd pleaser. G-and-T, did, also. Well, either she or Bobby, forgot the chords. Maybe, it was the combination of the two of them. I'm NOT quite clear on this, myself...But, I HAVE MY SUSPICIONS.
---I didn't know which part of the song these ''foreign'' chords belonged. I looked over and quickly realized Bobby didn't know these chords, either. Our new-old friend, ''Gin-and-Tonic,'' didn't really care where they belonged. She was having fun, just playing them. I knew we were in trouble. But in true BDS Style - we never let this fact be known. Out of the blue, the chord for, ''coo coo kachoo,'' was hit, and we finished up the song. At least this is the story I'm sticking to.
---After the confused, but polite, applause...the bewildered, easily befriended, NEVER TO BE BELITTLED (though, we did have our doubts,) Bobby Darling Show Duo, continued. The Seals and Croft CLASSIC, ''Summer Breeze,'' was the next song we ATTEMPTED. Well, here, again, it was NOT really a breeze...but that's another story. As the second song, we unintentionally subjected it to much the same treatment, as the first. NOT Being Sure Of The LEAD VOCAL, is NOT A least we didn't wake up in jail, as I remember.
---Don Gray, ''Little'' Ricky - to the BDS expert, suggested a club that would take our subtle overtness or our overt subtlety, or whatever it was, we did, in stride. Or, better yet...THEY WOULD NEVER NOTICE. The BDS passed their audition, with flying colors. As a matter-of-fact, we were hired for the whole summer, after the first set. The BDS had its first job. $60.00 per night. Three nights a week. After expenses, a cool $81.00 each, in our pockets. We were SUCCESSES! We had, finally, made it...and in such a short time. If we smoked cigars, we COULD have bought them, now. But, we didn't, so, we didn't. [As far as the Gin-and-Tonic affair, we learned that BEFRIENDING her, and her family, was a very WRETCHED event...soon, and the next morning.]

Mrs. Robinson, Along With ''SIDE-KICK,'' Gin-and-Tonic, Helped, The BDS - ''Graduate,'' That Night.

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Bobby said...
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Bobby said...

Paul gives a very accurate description of the events as far as I can remember.
My point of view about Mrs. Robinson:
Little Ricky was there, our former FN manager was there, and a few friends and supporters. There are three parts to the song - done three times. I knew the verse (first part)and the chorus (third part)but not the second part. So we started off fine, forgot a few chords on the second part and came back strong on the chorus.
Then we repeated this. As soon as we came to the second part and screwed up again (me) the audience was set up for the third time to expect more of the same. It was hilarious (not for us at the time) and it made for a great, maybe not auspicious, start in our new career. We never looked back.