Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BOBBY And The ''Chipmunks''

---Many people have asked, ''what is the story behind the chipmunks? Was it part of the original show, etc.?'' Many have asked ''other-type things,'' also. All I can say is, ''hold it down and I'll get to you.''
---The chipmunk evolved quite as many of us did. It happened over billions and billions of years...but, hold-on, you are referring to the talking, singing, cartoon, ''Chipmunks,'' that were part of the BDS repertoire. You are asking how the BDS became involved with such mega-stars. You want to know more along the lines of how we hooked-up with Alvin, Simon and Theodore. That evolvution was - BDS style. I think that Charles Darwin, himself, has distanced himself from that.
---I want to say that the ''Chipmunks,'' came to hear us play one night, and were very impressed. They came back stage, and after some negotiations, loud-at-times, we came to terms. But, you know as well as I, that it didn't happen like that. That's too ''Cartoon-y.''
---It was like this. We were playing at a place in Cambridge, MA. I think the name was, ''Studley's.'' The year was about 1976. We would ask for requests, and week-after-week, some guy would yell, ''The Chipmunks.'' He was planting the seed.
---As time went on, I half-heartedly asked my friend, Joanne, if she knew of any place I could get ahold of a Chipmunks Record. The Chipmunk Record was just one of many odd things I asked poor Joanne...but, anyway.
---The next day, I had TWO albums in my possession, by David Seville. One was, the ''Chipmunks'' and one was an exact copy of D. Seville speeding-up the tape technique, with the same voices, called - The ''Beavers.'' It was on the Beavers album where, ''Whistle While You Work,'' was found.
---Recording it straight from the record would be ''cute,'' and all, but it definitely needed something. It needed to be Bobby Darling Show - atized, to make it work. I began to bump the needle, so you wouldn't know which part of the song you were on. I did this several-upon-several, times.
---Bobby and Dinsdale, were NOT aware of any of this. I had made a-pair-of-teeth, out of cardboard, for each of us. They resembled Chipmunk teeth. I had the cassette tape of the Beaver/Chipmunks, with the teeth, in my shirt-pocket. All I needed now was the guy to request the ''Chipmunks.'' And like clockwork, near the end of the first set, he called out, ''the Chipmunks.''
---I stopped everything and handed-out the teeth. I gave Bobby, the cassette tape. Remember, nobody knew about this, so even the putting in of the teeth, got laughs. Bobby and Dinsdale still didn't know that this was even about, ''The Chipmunks.''
---Bobby played the tape and both caught on very quickly. Everyone was getting into it. The CUTENESS was beyond-the-beyond. We were ALL dancing, mouthing-the-words and whistling on cue. Everything was this way for awhile, until we reached the part of the tape where I began bumping the needle. Suddenly, NO one knew what part of the song they were on. As I said, I did this lots of times. They were trying to adjust to each section, but, eventually, realized that it was futile.
---The last I saw them do The Chipmunks, was on, ''Touch Of Gray.'' There was Bobby, Don and a ''bass playing female,'' I believe to be, Laurie Dearest. It was a real fun time seeing it on the DVD. ''Touch Of Gray,'' is worth it just for the BDS file footage, alone. The BDS-Chipmunk Bit has evolved and been enhanced, since the beginning. But, we knew we had a ''keeper.'' Alvin, would be proud.
[More On How Special DON GRAY Made A, ''Touch Of Gray,'' At Another Time. Look For Don Gray Story.]

http://bobbydarling.com/, For Those In The Market To Buy DVD. (well worth it.)
The Picture Above Was In The ''Bobby Darling Show'' Newsletter - Feb., 2009. I Told You The CHIPMUNK Bit Was A Keeper. I Have Seen Bobby D. and DR. DIVINE Perform ''The CHIPMUNKS,'' Since I Wrote The Above Story. It Is As, ''Good As Ever,'' To See. (Pictured Above - left-Dr. Divine, middle-The Dinsdale and right-Bobby Darling). The latest is...see APPRECIATION, ETC., - Bobby Darling, etc. It contains a portion of the clip I mentioned, from, ''Touch of GRAY.'' It is PLAYING at ''KNUCKLEHEAD'' THEATER. Oh, that's right. Also, below.