Friday, April 06, 2012

I'm In Antigua - Bobby ''Trotting the Globe'' Darling

---It's good to see that Bobby is working with Piano Mike...again. He has finally gotten to ask that volcano question that he used to drive me and anyone who would listen - CRAZY. Nobody knows what a volcano knows, Bobby.  I think that that has sunk in.

---Bobby has now been in every country on the planet. It is good to see that he didn't forget his camera this, there is some documentation. I think that he is fluent in the Ancient Antiguan language, so he felt like he was with his peers. He was an Antiguan Frog Worshipper for awhile. I hope that is in his past. That was part of his blue-green period. Not for those with a weak stomach. We used to laugh at him when he diligently studied these languages. We said things like, ''where are going to work...the UN?'' I, guess, that he has the last laugh, again. I would caution him on talking with the woman, though. Maybe he should get the translation on what he's saying. He seems to offend them. Of, course, the same thing would happen when we played at the ''Pig's Ear'' in Holyoke.

---I am glad that he did his homework [this was NOT a strong point] on the annual ritual of sacrificing a tourist. He got out in the knick of time. Well, I don't know if you are like me or not...but, I can hardly wait until Bobby's next adventure. The Bobby Darling saga continues. SAME BDS TIME - SAME BDS CHANNEL.


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Bobby said...

While it is true that homework was not a strong point back in the early days, I must say that I was never into Antiguan Frog Worship. It was Melanesian Frog Worship - big difference.