Friday, July 27, 2007

The BDS Banner

Bobby Darling Show - BANNER (Finally)

---I don't know where it is, now, but I wish that I ended up with it. Some may remember what I'm talking about. It hung behind us, usually frontwards, but sometimes backwards, depending if people were still eating.
---Some club owners were more than squeamish, at times. Let's say, if they were trying to run a restaurant, the answer was often, ''don't turn it around until the crowd has eaten, digested and well on their way to...relaxing.
---The banner wasn't so bad, at least to Bobby and myself. The banner, itself, pre-dates The ''Dinsdale.'' (Dinsdale dating the banner, was out-of-the-question.) I thought it set a good premise. It was certainly durable and never came apart, while I was there. That was 450 performances.
---The background was a red corduroy that my mother sewed together. It was 3 pieces, when we bought it. The original plan was to build a square area that we could easily assemble, and place somewhere on the stage. We were going to make this ''dressing room,'' about porta-potty, size. We bought some dowls, with this in mind. We couldn't get the, ''Official BDS Dressing Room,'' to stand, on its own. Realizing that this was NOT going to be easy, it seemed like the only recourse we had was, to give up. We went and got something to eat.

---The ''Banner,'' itself, had more endurance than we did. We sold the dowls to Bobby's Father, and were done with it. We had to re-think the whole thing, but, thankfully, there was nobody hurt in the process. Like many BDS situations, we figured the problem would somehow solve itself.
---The lettering was a yellow, that in a rounded kind of way said, ''THE BOBBY DARLING SHOW.'' The lettering fit around a dog, also in yellow. The dog had to ''squat'' in a certain way. We wanted to be sure his ''business-end,'' was free. Bobby posed for that. My Mother thought that Bobby posing as, ''a squatting dog,'' was quite funny. I thought that Bobby took to it too readily, and was too comfortable. After the slew of obligitory jokes, Bobby was done...posing. There was only one last ''thing'' to draw. Bobby didn't have to pose for that. Nobody did, actually. We ALL knew what ''it,'' looked like.
---Not that there was any mistaking what it was, but the markings and fume lines were being sure that mistaking it was NOT an option. No one said much about it, other than the clubowners. We never heard from the diners, except the ''usual'' food noises.
---Bobby and I didn't pay much attention to it. The biggest concern was that it was placed so we could get dressed, or undressed...and then redressed, behind it. It really was just part of The BDS scenery. A ''Sonny'' Darling, spur-of-the moment, ''moon,'' could hardly be blamed on the banner. The banner kept things quite legal for a number of years.
---Over time, I have learned to let the banner, go. What could I do? I had to. It wasn't as though I had a ''special bond,'' with the banner. I mean, I wasn't married to it. It was only a banner. Right?!?!
[As You Probably Have Guessed By Now, Cindi L. Provided Picture Of The BANNER.]

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