Wednesday, July 04, 2007

''Make Room For Dinsdale''

Going From TWO, To Three:
The (Original + One) Bobby Darling Show -

---Bobby wanted to make a personnel change. He wanted to add someone. I must admit that his intentions were always to make the show, ''more musical,'' and not just to add someone for the sake of adding someone. This all happened, late 1975.
---I didn't have much to argue about, but that didn't stop me. My basic argument was, ''we're doing alright, why add someone?'' It seemed short, sweet and to the point. But, Bobby always had this idea, to actually play music. In retrospect, I can hardly blame him. I've heard the early tapes, myself. Of the two of us, he is definitely the one, with the musical talent.
---The other funny thing was that Bobby used to read, a lot. Not funny, Ha, Ha. But, funny, unexpected. He had something of a philosophical book, going all the time. And he was forever going to build or do something, that was in whichever other book he was reading. He always had a lot of ideas. The ideas were always sound, as far as I was concerned, just as long as
as he didn't think he was going to do them, NOW. Because, then, what would I do? My own particular direction was pretty vague. Bobby was my apparent mealticket. At present, I didn't see any point in messing with it. But, if we had gone our separate ways, even then, we both would have adapted easily. We both were pretty resilient.
---We really lucked out with The ''Dinsdale.'' (Not his real-name.) His real name is Ernie D. He could sing, play guitar and was very funny. He had been doing roofing with his Dad, and jumped at the chance to play with The BDS. (Figuratively. NOT, off the roof.)
---He had a Curly Howard-type of appeal. He looked liked the Cowardly Lion, in, ''The Wizard of Oz.'' He was dubbed ''Buff'' Darling, for awhile. Of course, that didn't last. He was very talented, and added immensely to the show. Another talented individual. What's a boy to do? Things were going pretty well, at this point.
---The name of Dinsdale, is directly from the character Dinsdale Piranha, a fictional character from Monty Python. Dinsdale P. was afraid of giant Hedgehogs. I think Dinsdale Darling may have liked giant Hedgehogs, but I'm not sure.
---We were branching out, now. Dinsdale could also do a pretty good Roy Orbison. We quickly added, ''Oh, Pretty Woman,'' and ''Cryin.''' We, also, added, for good measure, ''Mack, The Knife.'' We could do, ''The Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy,'' now, too. This was a song Bobby and I had done with, ''Franconia Notch.'' (Our old Band.)
---Dinsdale would ask me, on occasion, if his coming to the BDS was a good thing? I would always tell him that it was a good thing, but would always add, ''but we didn't really need you.'' I'd like to add here, if you're reading this Dins...''Don't Give Up The Day Job.'' I'm Kidding. Maybe, it is time to take a leave of absence. He was great, and a pretty good friend.
---That really is the story of how the BDS went from Bobby and Myself, to three. I have given you the ''Nutshell,'' version. You have to wait for the Movie, if 3-D is important to you. Of course, the Nutshell version, seems appropriate, especially if you ever saw us perform. As I said before, ''a goodtime was had by least by us.'' Take Care.

B.D. - Before Dinsdale.

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