Monday, November 13, 2006


(Paul Meet Joe - BDS History In The Making)

---I used to be with The Bobby Darling Show,, but it was NOT the BDS where it began. I had known Bobby as a Freshman in High School. We were in the same Homeroom, but we really didn't spend much time together. We were in different ''programs,'' both figuratively and normally. Who was really the most normal, all I can say is that the jury is still out on that, and may have left the building. Or, maybe, they are just using the ''restroom.'' What I can say for sure is that he did attend the same high school, as far as I know, as I did. At least I think he did. He sat near me as our names were close in the alphabet. [L and H.]
---I remember how Joe, that's what we called him, then. Joe used to have many friends and he was a Master, or close to it, at getting attention. It seemed that he knew what he was doing in his own naive way. Joe had FUN while everyone else seemed a bit serious.
---An important fact is that Joe was NOT particularly obnoxious, either. He knew when to back off, most of the time. A quality he seemed to have was that he was NOT trying to make a ''fool'' out of anyone. I think that having FUN was a priority.
---It was a treat for us when Joe led the Religion class. The teacher, a Priest, knew this and gave Joe ''free rein'' a number of times. It was not that we learned anything, but it was so enjoyable. He seemed to sense how far to push the ''envelope.'' A good time was had by all.
---I knew that I could do what Joe did, all I would need is the opportunity. Since someone had told me that, ''To give up an opportunity, was an opportunity in it... - Well, I digress.''
---I became paired with Joe at different HS functions, and we became friends, I think. At a Retreat we were paired. We had to state something about the ''other'' person that we liked. He said he liked my sense-of-humor. I said, ''Nice pants.'' That was the beginning of a very good, though symbiotic, relationship. I was the latcher while he was the latchee, for most of it.
---I bought a reel-to-reel Tape Recorder, and things took off. I don't know if you can relate one thing or event that had directional changes in your Life, but the Tape Recorder was it for me. Suddenly, I was semi - popular. I was, now, Joe's ''official'' Recording Engineer. [This was just one of the many make-believe titles I held over the years in Lada-Darling ''Dukedom.''] [I think Head-of-Logistics, was the most accurate--given to me by Relationship Observer and former roommate, Mr. Reynolds.]
---Second-Banana is a role I felt very comfortable in. We had a lot of fun, on and off the ''stage.'' We were both ''on'' much of the time, if you catch the drift. Not drugs or anything, though marijuana did play a part at times, but good old-fashion laughter. We basically ''got'' each other, so their was a lot of fun to be had.
---He was the ''musician,'' and former ''class-clown,'' [though he referred to himself as School Humorist. It sounded like an official appointing that way.] I was an introverted ''Second-Banana'' in search of some ''Coat Tails.'' This is what I meant by symbiotic. Bobby was going ''somewhere,'' [I had NO idea where, really] but the process of finding this out was fun.
---He would write Songs, borrow someone's guitar [and pick] and we would play them, along with many Beatles and Oldies. This was way before the BDS began. This was when ''I'' was supposed to be studying. College didn't really appeal to either of us at the time, but, anyway, I received a scholarship from the Rehabilitation Commision. [Not for being particularly smart, it was just this hand thing]. I wasn't mature enough to really benefit from the situation, but as I said it was much more about having fun, than anything else. As I think of it, most people have much the same experience of college. I think that eventually, I would have actually enjoyed the opportunities college offered.
---I'm going to close for the evening soon, but I owe Bobby a debt of gratitude because he was one of the only people that didn't put on some kind of gloves [patronize] with me. He treated me as almost an equal [he had his stuff, also], and that's pretty good.
---This is another day, and it went fairly well. I'm still in the Hospital [it is actually a Nursing Home]. I realize that it is difficult writing about BD, and not attempt to try to make him laugh at the same time. Much of what I have written is for him as the audience.

--I will butt-in right here. I have since learned how to add the BDS Vids to my blog. If you care to watch, just click on the picture. Go to YouTube check-out his others. Favorites.]
---I have a new DSL Line, so I am able to play the video's on If you haven't done that yet, I'll wait until the two or three that have read my Blog - do. And I can wait all night with the proper sleep, etc. Do yourselves a favor and watch the ''Guitar Solo,'' if nothing else. It ''Blew my Mind'' and ''Knocked my Socks off'' [but not necessarily in that order] to find this website. With the monitor on ''full screen,'' it is like seeing Bobby through a camera lens and hearing him through a pair of cheap speakers. Otherwise, it is like being there. To give it the true test, a few beers would have to be added in.
---I am very proud of his ability to make people laugh. He is truly an original - except for all the material he ''borrowed.'' I always thought that one of our skills was to take someone elses idea, and make it look like our own. I used to consider this a form of stealing, but we did change things enough to be a form of building ''on.'' It is extemely difficult to have a unique thought, that does not have someone elses earmarks, anyway, really. It certainly can interrupt the ''flow'' to be OVERLY concerned with this. I think I'm digressing, again. We did our part for a certain evolution, nonetheless.
---When one thinks about it, this whole ''digressing'' thing is probably why I stopped playing in the BDS, in the first place. I DIGRESSED, for a time.

Bobby D. and Myself, Overdubbing w/Equalizer In Studio.

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Reefering to the original post, I never smoked marijuana. If I did, I never inhaled. And if I inhaled, I never exhaled.