Friday, November 10, 2006



---I was reading over, and I came up with a familiar scene. It was in the Bookings section, under the client letters. They were the ''response'' that people have, after a night spent with the BDS.
---When I say, ''A goodtime was had by all,'' there is very little exageration. Very few did not have a memorable evening. Even if it takes a bit of time to ''let your hair down,'' eventually you do. Unless you're having a major bad day to begin with, you find something in the show that gets your attention.
---For example, I will use the ''American Standard'' Band in MA. They went on to do a world-tour with Joe Cocker, who saw them play in a small-club and was more than impressed. As a matter of fact, I saw them on a PBS show in the 1980's, when I had moved to CA.
---Anyway, American Standard and girlfriends used to reserve the front section, to watch us perform. They couldn't get over how ''unpretentious'' we were, even when we were ''pretentious,'' or at least trying to be. ''You guys are about having fun - We can't believe we're staying for the last set.'' They would all say separately and in secret, ''I wish some of our guys were like that.''
---We would play for 100 or 2 or so, but it seems they now play at some larger venues. The letters have intensified. The response is better than ever.
---A review of the BDS was in a newspaper from a local area
college, in the 70's. ''Two guys, I thought were audience members, all-of-a-sudden went on stage and started playing. They immediately involved the rest of us.''
--- A man from CT, used to call perodically and bring a small ''army'' with him. He couldn't get over how many times we would ''paint ourselves into a corner,'' and get out of it, in the course of an evening.
---This was at the beginning of the BDS which was NOT very polished. Many times we were flying on ''survival,'' and did seemingly pull it off. As the BDS evolved we knew what worked and what didn't. We would both be ''fine-tuning'' our stage personna on stage. I don't think that the audience was aware or even cared that this was going on. Nobody ever talked of feeling cheated. We would use everything, to make it all work.
--- We would do Beatles, Oldies and characters. Much TV trivia. That was mostly my thing - but it didn't take Bobby long to be part of it. We would give away ''free'' drinks [at least, free to us.] We were probably very sexist, but so innocent about it all, that no one seemed to be offended. As we grew, the BDS grew, also. There was some sort of sophistication, to appear so unsophisticated, and not be offensive. We were NOT making any lame ‘’political’’ statement, other than – ‘’Here we ALL are, let’s have a good time.’’ To me, that is ‘’much deeper.’’
[Another Reminiscence. Bobby Still Finds Time To ''KID'' Purple Dinosaurs, or, maybe...Paul McCartney]

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