Saturday, June 17, 2006



---Well, I e-mailed BOBBY DARLING. As a ''gift,'' he sent the CD, GREAT BIG WORLD. This seems to be his first effort. I must admit, I am very impressed. There is a taste on his website [BOBBYDARLING.COM.] If you don't own this, you should. I'm SURE the others are just as good - I wouldn't know as I DON'T OWN EITHER OF THEM. MAYBE SOMEDAY.
---This CD is well put together. One SONG follows another. You may find yourself thinking,''Well, of course they do.'' I will tell you this, ''NO one has ever, in the history of this ''Great Big World,'' put these songs together, BEFORE - AND I MEAN THAT.'' BOBBY is ''Unique'' and his talent is, also, and We ALL Know That, ''Two Uniques - Don't Make A Wrong.''
---I remember telling my neuropsychologist friend, how I remember Bobby playing Lead Guitar, Turning dials on the mixer, Controlling the lights with his foot and Singing whichever harmony Dinsdale or myself weren't singing. And at the end of the night, we would split the money, EQUALLY. Who says there is no Santa? NOT ME, SANTA. I must have deserved twice as much JUST WATCHING HIM. This is NO LIE. I have a neuropsychologist. Stroke. Oh, Yeah. This is true about Bobby, too.
---Not only is the title track included, but Bobby speaks of the time he fell in ''LOVE'' with a CLONE in, ''Second-Hand Genes.'' We are privy to the ''Rules of Love.'' He reads Bibles off the Internet - Called CYBLES. We learn that if Bobby had access to a ''Time - Machine,'' he would set it for 6:15 AM, that morning, just so he could then SLEEP until 9.
---The eerie FACT that he knows how ''we feel'' because he has been ''in our place,'' with what must be his ''kids'' or ''Children Of The CORN.'' We hear of his heroes, Bucky and John. It was my Buckminster Fuller article that spurred that. I didn't read it until the late 1990's, when I re-bought the magazine. It was in Playboy [for the articles]. His need for a rhyme to Tolstoys ''Anna Karenina,'' to justify an attraction for a girl named ''Marina,'' and many, many more.
---I really did enjoy the CD. It is nice to hear Bobby with ''real'' musicians behind him. We, the two of us, couldn't and didn't give his musical talents the showcase they deserved and now have. But, that is the beauty of the BDS, it was FUN THEN and, I'm sure, FUN NOW. In this ''GREAT BIG WORLD,'' isn't it FUN to have FUN? Be Well.

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