Wednesday, March 02, 2016




---One night Bobby came to visit while I still lived in Worcester, MA. He had bought a couple of books that day and left them at my house…which he was prone to do. The morning after he had left, I picked up one of the books to see what Bobby had bought. One was called, ‘’The Flight of the Eagle.’’ It was by someone that Bobby had been talking about recently…Jiddu Krishnamurti.

---I started scanning the book to see if it held any interest for me. I remember eventually thinking - ‘’now, here is someone who understands what I have been going through.’’ I felt that it wasn’t often one found a book by someone who spoke as clearly and precisely as he did - about the very things that I found myself concerned with.

---This was after that Saturday night in October 1976 that I used to mention.  To briefly summarize - I sat down with the intention that - if there is a God…I’m going to find him. I let my mind go free and watched myself think. I’ll never be able to convey exactly what happened, but suffice it to say - I, suddenly, realized that life was ALL about love…and that is what this God is - God is love. This was very jolting and took much time to learn to actually live with it…but, since that experience, life and living has had a whole new quality. AND, importantly this could be accessed by everyone. One has to learn that this is true and then just has to ALLOW it.

---So, the book was very poignant to me. I, also, never really conveyed this to those closest to me, as I really did not know how to go about it. So, this is a thank you that is long overdue. The relationship that Bobby and I had was a good one. I hope that he benefited as much as I did. There were many laughs and some ups and downs. We were a good team. The audio books are being read by an Englishman with a little, bit of an accent. Though K has many recorded lectures...his accent has been difficult for me at times. Kudos to ALL. Be Well.

This is a draft...subject to change as necessary.

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