Tuesday, April 15, 2014


---FINALLY! May you enjoy much success!

---Professionally - they go by BOBBY DARLING + AMAZING GRACE...but, behind those Foster Grants we recognize that it is the long-awaited pairing of Bobby D,, and his daughter Gracie (Grace.) If YouTube is any indication of talent (and it is...because it has to be,) I predict great things for this duo.
---My advice to the lovely Grace is that (even though he is your father,) don't go and shop for ventriloquist puppets and don't sign anything TOO binding. Bring out the Monopoly board if you need a refresher course on his true colors. Don't forget that you always have ''POODLES'' and ''SONNY'' as trump cards.

---I sit in my hospital room and await your next YouTube, with baited breath. (Actually, the nurses have asked me to ''unbait my breath'' as it is very unsanitary to munch on night crawlers at LHH.) BUT...I wait and wait and wait. And then, suddenly, I wait some more. Yes...sir, I wait some more. I get up and get a fresh glass of water...sit down and wait some more. Waiting can be fun and productive if you do it right...I wish that I knew how that worked. NEXT PARAGRAPH.

---Well...I'm still waiting. I wish I knew where I put that brochure on ''EFFECTIVE WAITING.'' I sure could use it about now. YES...''EFFECTIVE WAITING'' ...about now. Effective, effective, effective and waiting, waiting and waiting. I hope that we have good weather...today. Did I ever tell you about the weather in San Francisco? ''Most times we have all four seasons...before lunch.'' I've made many a nurse smile with that one. Come to think of it...I was waiting then...too, also. Yup...waiting then, too. Yup...hurry up and wait - that's my new motto. Hurry up and wait. Did I tell you that that is my motto. Actually, my NEW motto. It's kind of like ''WAITING FOR GODOT''...but, you're all alone and you never heard of GODOT. You just wait...and wait...and wait. Yup, yup, yup. You wait, wait, wait.

---Hey...I know what...I'll watch TV. That can be fun and exciting. I'll wile away the hours, like Wile E. Coyote. Imagine if his name was just Wile Coyote. You wouldn't know that he was wiling. Yup...wiling away the hours.

---Bobby hasn't changed one bit. I have other things to do. I, guess, I'll go back to saving the universe. I wonder if Megan has knitted that cape for me...yet? Umh! Maybe I'll call her. Now...where did I put that number? ''Rikki Don't Lose That Number...,,,,zzzzzzzzzzzz...I LOVE MY NURSES! Huh! Where did that come from???????

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