Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ms. Grace Lada (cover) - All The Above - Maino ft. T-Pain

---This brings me back into ''Walrus Studios.'' Hempty, Bobby and myself were present. This was the night that we recorded ''This Boy'' (the song by the Beatles.) We used the equalizer and overdubbing to make our final product to be like the Beatles. Of course we didn't, but we had a lot of fun in the process.

---What is memorable from that evening is poor ole' Hempty...doing the recording. He kept talking about Todd Rundgren's SOMETHING/ANYTHING album...and HOW TODD PLAYED ALL THE INSTRUMENTS ON THE ALBUM.

---Between ''This Boy'' overdubs, Hempty would play ''cuts'' from Todd's album. Bobby asked him who played the drums on that song? After he answered, Todd did. Todd played everything. I asked who sang with Todd on the album? The answer was of course, Todd - because Todd did everything on the album. Then Bobby would ask him...then who played lead guitar? Todd did. He did everything on the record. I would then ask some different question about the album of which the answer was TODD - WELL YOU GET THE GIST OF IT. Finally, Hempty wised up to what we were doing, etc., and so on. Eventually, he forgave us. Ahh, yes! Fillin' some time with Bobby D.

---With all my meandering,..time to get to my point. I think that the YouTube is sensational. Gracie, I know I've said it before, but, I enjoy your vids...very much.

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