Friday, February 24, 2012


---This is Bobby D's daughter, Gracie. I could say something like 'she's a chip off the old block' or 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree'...but, I won't. Right away my mind went back to the back bedroom at Henderson, Ave in Worcester, MA. I remember Bobby doing harmony to himself singing the Beatle classic - ''Don't Let Me Down,'' We used the grandfather of WALRUS STUDIO'S at the time. My REALISTIC 7'' Reel to Reel Taperecorder. It had sound with sound as opposed to sound on sound. My friend Ed F., had that feature on his SONY.

---Gracie - keep up the good work. The recording is great. Don't worry about mistakes or anything. I immediately,  (with much pride,) showed my friend Dave. He was very impressed, also. Dave is a painter, guitar player and no slouch in any department. I was once great friends with your dad, aunts and grandparents. I knew your mom, also. This was a real treat for me. Thanks.

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