Sunday, August 29, 2010

WALLABOUIES - Bobby Darling Duo

---This song was written by Bobby Darling. It is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, one of the nicest fictional nightclubs that I've ever been. They have pulled out all the stops. The food is something else, too.

---That is where I found that Bobby owns BOBBYDARLINGLAND! It is place that he had built for myself. It is modeled after the Village the Prisoner stayed on that 1960's English TV show. I live there...with cyber-helper POODLES Jr. And, the other cast of characters. Bobby says there will be running water in the taps, again...any day, now.

---Though, WALLABOUIES is a fictional nightspot, there is nothing fictional about the fun I have when I go there. The sound may be a bit funky, but I'm sure you understand that recording from your seat may have its drawbacks...especially, when you're almost outside. Enjoy! Bobby says we will have a goodtime, again, when the blizzard tapers.

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