Wednesday, March 25, 2009



---Whenever I would visit Bobby's house, I was never greeted by Bobby or any human member of his family. I was greeted by Tammy and Sebastian. They were the two Collie dogs owned by Bobby's Mom and Sister.
---The story goes, if I'm rememberring correctly, Bobby's Mom got Tammy and Bobby's sister, Cheryl, won Sebastian, somehow. I don't remember the exact way they were acquired, but Sebastian would be deemed a ''winner,'' by anyones standard. Tammy had had part of her nose bitten off, as a pup. Nobody quite knew the reason, or they just weren't talking about it.
---Tammy was quite normal, other than the nose thing, but Sebastian, on the other hand, was another story. He wasn't vicious or hard to get along with or anything like that, BUT, he had a telling way about him that proved time-and-time again, that he just didn't quite ''get'' it. He never seemed to know what was going on. He just didn't quite get the concept.
---He would walk into a room and you would know, instantly, that he didn't know why he came into the room. Then he would never know what to do, when he was in there. Many of us may feel the same way, but it is not public knowledge, when we do this. Sebastian would highlight this fact, in his own unique way.
---Bobby's mother had a vision that the two dogs would mate and they could create a business of sorts, by selling the pups. But, it became very clear that, mating, was NOT part of Sebastian's repertoire. Everything else that he did was outside the box, why should anything as instinctual as mating, be any different.
---I always thought that they should have a TV show with Sebastian as the lead - like Lassie. (He did resemble her a bit.) You could have the opening with Sebastion by the pond and the fence. Someone calls Sebastian and then it goes into Lassies theme song using Sebastian's name, instead of Lassie. You could see immediately, that the fence may present a problem to Sebastion.
---Where we find Lassie always doing the right thing and bringing the episode to a close through her intelligence and awareness, we could have Sebastion stumbling into situations, with the episode working out with his ineptness and total lack of cunning and shrewdness. His following of a different drum would be apparent, because it was so natural for him...and everyone was better off, somehow, by him being present. If Sebastian ever ''got'' it, not only would it have amazed many people, but it may have destroyed his ''particular,'' charm.

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