Saturday, July 28, 2007

Touch Of GRAY

''Other Than His Name - DON Was...NOT, Very GRAY.''

---This is the DVD that Bobby Darling put together, commemorating Don Gray's time with the BDS, until Don's passing, April 9, 2007. I may get a bit excited about Bobby's work, but this DVD looks as good as any I have seen, by anyone. Extra Kudos, on this one.
---Bobby sent a copy to me, as I was gathering my pennies to purchase one. [This may NOT be quite true.] I am very honored to own one. Don would like to give rise to the enjoyment that he undoubtly showed on the DVD. You could see that it was there, and he was having a good time, [his words,] ''in a business he had no business being in.''
---There are some overdubs from an interview Bobby had with Don. The DVD makes one aware that Don enjoyed his timespent, immensely. He talks of a goal [I'm paraphrasing] to do it his way, and it seems that he did. He looks like he was doing what he had good time doing, and this certainly made his own journey and those who were priveleged to know him, quite a pleasant affair.
---There is much BDS footage, and worth to get just from that angle. There are many highlights over the almost three decades of BDS, with Don.
---Seeing the ''Chipmunks,'' was a kick. Don doing a Louis Armstrong impression, which is quite good. ''Uncle'' Don, with Bobbys daughter, Billie, [still in diapers.] ''Wipeout,'' that will floor you. [Bobby plays guitar behind his head.] Don doing his Mick Jagger, thing, from Philadelphia. The footage is a real gem.
Then We Have DON:
---He was aware of his condition, and knew very well that his days were numbered. One never felt that this was a ''bad'' thing, while viewing the DVD. The video was much more a celebration of time, ''well-spent.'' The idea of ''regret,'' never entered into it.

---This certainly is ''Acceptance Personified,'' in a way we rarely see. Don touched me, and I'll bet, many. An amazing peformance and wonderful tribute. Nice job, guys. Don showed us just how special he was. May we ALL accept our situations with the same poise that Don has shown us.

---Great e-mail---
This is from the same interview, but never made it to the DVD. When I received it, it nearly blew me away. We see Don on screen, and hear Bobby Darlings voice.

Give It A Chance To Boot Up. Thanks, Again, Guys.

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