Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Tale-Of-Two CD's - Bobby Darling

TWO CD's -
The Bobby Darling Show

---There were a few songs here, whose title, alone, made me want to hear what BD did with that song. Black Magic Marker, Andy Was The Sheriff, What Bobby Had Done With The Cast From Gilligan's Island, etc. I must admit, I laughed out loud at different times. I could imagine doing these songs to unsuspecting people, and watching their reaction.
---Then, I realized, Bobby could always play the Dickens' out of the guitar, and he had a ''Pip'' of a stage presence. He was a lot of fun to watch. The Bobby Darling Show, Strikes Again, for me, anyway.
---I have to qualify a bit. I received two Bobby Darling CD's, simultaneously - The Best Of The BDS and The Cure Of Folly. The ''Best Of,'' has the parodies that he has been doing. The ''Cure,'' has original material.
---I remember both sides of Bobby D. Both CD's are very good and very clever. On stage we were more successful doing the parodies. It was priceless seeing someone experience the ''punch line,'' for the first time. The response was real good and so honest, that you couldn't compare it to anything. For that moment, the crowd reaction was untouchable.
---I can understand BD writing, other-type material. And, I know that listening to both CD's, one after another - can be the best of times, and/or, can be the worst of times, but that would be because moods can change. Maybe, you just had a mood swing. I don't know. Ask the Doctor.
---I want to share something that I DID notice - for those of you who haven't been in the BDS, which is some of you, maybe. Bobby's original material is every bit as good as the parodies. The tunes aren't as recognizable, (I hope,) but the Bobby Darling trademark is all over it.
---His enjoyment and point of view, is unmistakeable. If you don't find yourself humming, ''Let's Not Talk About Love,'' or ''Wallabouies,'' or ''It's Just A Car,'' your BDS license should be revoked. Or, maybe, you should do some community service. I'm just kidding.
---I'll be the second to admit it. Bobby, himself, might be the first, is difficult for me to be completely objective about what BD does. Even, though, I was the first to call him Bobby Darling. (The name idea was his.) His tunes, sophistication and videoes, astound me, sometimes.
---It wasn't him that did it, but he was in a band where their road manager had to unplug one end of the microphone cord from the other. Now, with some of the things he does, I, myself, may be the one doing that, figuratively. For a Geezer, he does pretty well for himself. I'm kidding. (One of his songs is - GEEZER BLUES.)
---Hearing on CD and seeing him on YouTube, where you should ALL be heading when we're done, makes me semi-smile. (I had a stroke. It's about the best I can do.) I really enjoy his work. Bobby is as vibrant and vital as ever. I look forward to his next. With someone as prolific as he has been, lately, that could be any day. The two CD's total 34 new songs. Whoa!!
[Just As An Aside - Someday, I May Tell You About The MAGIC ''GUILLOTINE,'' Bobby Bought, And Had ''Dinsdale,'' Build. They Used It On ''Little'' Ricky's, (Don Gray's,) First Night. I Am Glad I Was Home...Eating Cake, At That Time. It Was A DISASTER.] Victor Hugo.

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