Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Franconia Notch -
''The NAME Wasn't Changed, And NO One Was Protected''-
---This is the band that Bobby Darling and I were in, before The BDS. We did original material, for the most part. Most of the songs we played were from Bobby D., Jeff T., and Mike G. We ALL arranged and added where we saw necessary. Unfortunately, we did NOT record very much. What you hear is from a first set songlist we would use at the, ''Pigs Ear,'' Holyoke, MA., and other clubs. The actual recording was at the one-and-only, (we think,) Walrus Studio. The year is 1973.
Song Written By Mike G., Bobby D., And Myself. Lead Singer, Jeff T. - ''Sunday Morning''
Song Written By Bobby Darling. Lead Vocal - Bobby D.. Back Up Vocals - Jeff T., Bobby D. (Overdub) - ''Don't Step On The Dog''
Song Written By Bobby Darling. Lead Vocal - Jeff T., And Fred M., Back Up Vocal - Bobby D. - ''Two Houses''
The Name, Franconia Notch, Was Straight From National Geographic. It is the location of, ''The Old Man of the Mountaln.'' It May Have Been - Page 42.

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