Wednesday, April 14, 2010

IT'S JUST A CAR by Bobby Darling

(Used On NPR - ''Car Talk'')

---For those who refuse to click the link. We see Bobby driving and singing. He wrote the song, also. I had read the words a few times, before I saw the video. I thought the words, without hearing the tune, were very fitting for my situation.
---My nurse said that the video should be shown in traffic schools as it, ‘’ covers many of the fundamentals of taking care of your vehicle.’’ If you are half-listening, it does this. But, as with many of Bobby’s lyrics, ‘’It’s Just A Car,’’ is a metaphor. He is saying that, ''It Is NOT What You Drive, But WHO YOU ARE, After All, It's Just A Car.''
---I had forgotten just how good Bobby plays guitar. After the Doctor does a fine violin solo, which is well-DOCUMENTED and won’t be missed, Bobby plays a bit of guitar. How he comes to have one at this point, and where it goes, is a mystery to us, but it is Bobby playing at his finest. He drives alright, too.
---I've watched the video a number of times and never fail to laugh seeing Bobby in the left-corner of the screen, singing-in harmony, the different types of cars that appear on the rest of the screen. I even find myself wondering how he did that? The ending has a tribute to the Beatles.
---We are promised that this video is the first of many. And he has a new CD to boot. Keep a close watch and buy his CD. If you enjoy ‘’cutting through the mustard,'' you’ll have a good time. .

YouTube Has Done Something Where ALL The Vids Of A Selected Performer Are On The Above Screen. Let First Choice Play, tHEN cLICK aNOTHER.

[Click the VIDEO above, if you've got the chops.]

Song - NO Substitute For YouTube
I realize that this whole blog entry was written awhile, ago.